Tel: 0115 946 1699
18 Gibb St,
Long Eaton,
NG10 1EE.
Tel: 0115 946 1699 18 Gibb St, Long Eaton, Nottingham, NG10 1EE.

The Osteopathic Centre is run by the director Jenny Pritchard

Jenny Pritchard

Jenny has been working at The Osteopathic Centre since the summer of 2006, after moving from London. She is a graduate from the British School of Osteopathy where she obtained her degree. Having been accepted by the General Osteopathic Council she began her private practice work. Jenny took over as sole director of The Osteopathic Centre in August 2022, having previously been jointly run by Vaughan and Jenny.

Jenny has a lighter touch than Vaughan which is more suitable for some patients. She enjoys treating all patients and has an interest in the treatment and care of expectant mothers. She helps by working on patients discomfort and coping with changes in posture during and after the pregnancy.

In addition, Jenny has experience in the treatment of a wide variety of problems, from work related strains to sports injuries.

"I am pleased to have helped people with long standing complaints, such as arthritis. Many of these patients have become less reliant on the use of analgesics (painkillers) which has improved their quality of life. Patients with these types of condition have been able to maintain this improvement by having some maintenance treatment every few months."

Vaughan Cooper

Vaughan qualified from the British School of Osteopathy in 1988 and established a practice in Long Eaton, on the Nottingham / Derby border. The practice has grown over the years and is the longest established practice in the area. Vaughan treats all forms of injuries, from work related strains and pains, to aches from hobbies, as well as sports injuries. With a background in athletics, Vaughan has worked closely with local sports groups including athletics, football, rugby, gymnastics and trampoline. Over the years he has worked with many international, professional and national sports stars, as well as the local community.

Vaughan has previously worked with U.K. able bodied and disability athletes, based at Loughborough University. He has also been the Osteopath to Nottingham Forest Football Club, Notts County Football Club and Sheffield Wednesday Football Club.

Vaughan has was a clinical tutor for the College of Osteopaths and was responsible for supervising and teaching clinic-based subjects to students on the Osteopathy degree course at Stafford University, Stoke-on-Trent.

Eleanor Glover

Ellie is an experienced Osteopath, qualifying from the British School of Osteopathy in 1986 and has worked in her own private practice in Beeston for many years. She joined The Osteopathic Centre in 2014 after having a few years off raising her children.

Ellie works in a very similar way to both Vaughan and Jenny, using a hands-on approach including soft tissue massage, articulation and manipulation to treat problems with the musculo-skeletal system. She enjoys working with people across society, ranging from teenagers through to the older generation.

In her personal life Ellie is a very keen singer and enjoys challenging herself by learning through The Open University.

Al Ghosh

Al qualified as an Osteopath in 2019 with the College of Osteopaths via Staffordshire University. He has worked in a number of clinics within the region. He has a particular interest in acute back pain and chronic Forward Head Posture.

Al enjoys the diversity of patients he treats, from younger clients with sporting injuries to patients with long standing issues that can present more of a challenge.